Top AI companies in India

Indian IT companies in Artificial Intelligence (AI) aren’t as well known as, say app development companies. For instance, it’s easier to build a list of top app development companies in Punjab than AI companies of India.

As compared to the US and China, or even Europe, India wasn’t doing so well in the field of robotics, AI or Machine Learning (ML) till recently.

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Top 3D printing companies in Mumbai

This post carries a list of the top 3d printing companies in Mumbai. The list has been compiled and analyzed after looking at the kind of products and services offered by these companies. We looked at their technology and their offering and finally came up with the names of the best 3d printing companies of Mumbai.

But before discussing the list, perhaps it’d be a good idea to quickly understand how 3D printing works.

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Top home bakers in Bangalore to learn from

We’ve compiled a list of top bakers in Bangalore for everyone who loves to cook or eat great bakery items. And we also wanted that these people must be those we turn to when wish to learn baking in Bangalore.

The reason we made this list is simple: we googled this term but we couldn’t find a list that was satisfactory. Most list were either outdated or contained little relevant information.

All the bakers we’ve covered here share the following three important characteristics:

  1. They have some form of online presence, either a website or an FB page or both.
  2. They are passionate about teaching everything they know about baking and make the world a sweeter place!
  3. Their students have left them some awesome testimonials!
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Top app development companies in Punjab

The reason we prepared a list of top app development companies in Punjab is pretty simple. When it comes to IT, people outside India talk about Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon or Pune, but they don’t talk about Punjab very often.

Punjab has made significant advancements in all industries and IT is no exception. Bigger cities like Chandigarh and Mohali are contributing substantially in the information technology sector, both products and services.

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Top 7 Geography books for IAS Civil Services Exams UPSC

We have compiled the list of top Geography books for IAS Civil Services Exams in India. That’s because Geography in Civil Services exams, or rather IAS exams, is both challenging and interesting.

Whatever subjects you choose for your Prelims or Mains, Geography will remain extremely important for Civil Services’ aspirants.

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Top CAT coaching institutes in Delhi

This article covers the top CAT coaching institutes in Delhi.

Why this review: Students keep searching for the best CAT coaching in Delhi. Their needs are varied and the offerings of tutoring classes classes are varied too. This review is intended to cut down students’ searching efforts.

The 6 institutes reviewed below are local or regional brands. Soon we’ll be adding national brands. We’ve restricted ourselves to mostly objective factors to keep this review unbiased.

The CAT coaching classes covered below are experienced institutes (we wanted to avoid fresh institutes). As we keep learning more about these, we’ll add further details.

Here are the top CAT coaching institutes in Delhi.

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