Freelance writer Shweta Sharma: “Discipline helps you grow”

“There definitely is exposure in reality shows, but the exposure will basically get you more reality shows”, said Gilbert Gottfried.

Every human being who is in a struggle to expand their business , needs a way up. Some possess the acumen of crafting their own way while others require mentoring to get exposure. Haven’t we heard that out of sight is out of mind! True, Right? 

In an initiative to bring more impact on the career trajectory of freelance content writers, Mayank Batavia conducted several interviews. Mayank is a teacher, a popular blogger at Almostism, and an edupreneur. He is driven with the vision to up the curve for budding content writers and help them grow in the industry. 

His recent interview was with Shweta Sharma, a freelance content writer and a blogger mom. Shweta started her career as a writer 7 years back. Since then, she has been working on different kinds of projects that relate to gems and jewelry, textile, insurance, motherhood, parenting, and healthcare.

How it started

The first project of her life was through LinkedIn- a professional networking platform. In her brief, Shweta highlights the importance of blogging and having a blog of one’s own. Besides her own blog ‘The TalkPoint’, Shweta shares that she has been able to produce unique content for websites, social media platforms, blogs and magazines. 

What content means to Shweta Sharma

Content for Shweta is an attempt to construct feelings into words that successfully delivers the message to readers. In lieu of creating impressive content writing pieces, Shweta believes that understanding the client’s expectations is of great relevance in the first place that is followed by extensive research.  

With a great desire to grow as a professional, Shweta (advocates and practises discipline and ensures that every project is delivered well within the desired time frame with utmost transparency and clear terms with clients. This has resulted in several praises from clients time and again.

Shweta says, “Sticking to the deadlines can help manage content as well as the delivery because after all, it is all the game of trust, credibility and honesty.” 

When asked about the source of her inspiration the freelance content writer and mom blogger replied that reading the works of popular writers like Neil Patel, and others on platforms like YourStory, TapChief, etc, have really benefited here in shaping her perspective.

Freelance writer Shweta Sharma

Fighting and overcoming challenges

This journey to growth, however, hasn’t been that easy. There have been some critical challenges that create writer’s block. She goes on to share that being a mother to 2-year old keeps her on toes. This sometimes affects deliverables, requiring her to slog overnight. 

In addition to this, she also states the importance of writing software and how difficult it could sometimes be to spot the most relevant one. Nevertheless, she says that the use of software like Grammarly, Hemmingway, Thesaurus, and BuzzSumo has simplified writing for her.

Other than this, she stresses that following industry experts can keep  the fire alive in all the writers. For her, a content piece should be crisp, and must be solution oriented and proofread. 

Being hopeful herself, Shweta asserts that learning is equally important on the journey of writing if the goal is big. Courses like Shani Raja on Udemy and SEO that works by Brian Dean have been her favorite.

Taking pride in her status as a mother, Shweta asserts that motherhood has rendered a beautiful purpose in her life. Despite the phase, she goes by the tick of the clock and organizes every day to work efficiently to create diversified content. Though, she prefers to write content during the morning hours but sweats until late in the night if the works call for it. 

Coming from a family where every single individual has worked hard and made achievements, Shweta has her parents to back her up, always. She is headstrong to move ahead and establish herself as a successful content writer.

Reaching Shweta

You can get in touch with Shweta throug the following links.