Freelance writer Soundarya Sai: “Craft content to help brands grow easily.”

Tell us a little about your background outside of writing.  
I’m a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, an engineering graduate and a travel freak. I started my career with Content Writing Internships and now I work as Senior Copywriter at an Advertising Firm in Hyderabad. Being a travel enthusiast, I ensure that I go for a trip (solo or with friends) once a year to forget all the career and home-oriented problems and experience a carefree life.

Also, I have a YouTube food channel  VANTILLU that I’ve specially curated for the love for food my mom makes. I love diversifying my skills in a variety of fields and I’ve begun my journey towards it. I do not have a versatile skill-set, but I believe in putting everything I have in creating versatile experiences. 

What all industries have you written for so far?

Answer:  In two years of writing, I’ve written for

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Beauty
  • FMCG
  • Personal Care Services

Most of the brands have been brought to presence from scratch. It started from Brand Nomenclature, Logo Rationale, Brand Story, Outdoor Advertising, Web Copy and Digital Marketing. 

How did you get your first paid client?

Answer: It was through LinkedIn, just three days after I optimized my profile. It was just on point. My skills matched his necessities, and we started right away.

What are the kinds of projects you are working on currently?

Answer: I’m currently working on creating content for a Digital Marketing Agency and an FMCG brand.

When a client approaches you with a subject, you have almost no understanding about how do begin?

Answer:  I have a long conversation with the client. I start by saying that I’d want to know more about your brand or the industry, how things work there, and stuff. By the time the call ends, I get a gist of the industry and the specific industry-related keywords that would make my research process easy and less time-taking.

Have you found clients through online platforms (LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Instagram)? How did it happen?

Answer: LinkedIn is the only platform I’ve been experimenting with for a long time. All the clients I’ve got in touch with are via the same platform. It was possible only because of the content I created on LinkedIn. It never got a massive reach per se, but I guess people were observing my work. So, slowly I was able to garner clients.

Tell us something about your blog.

Answer: I created Craft Content with a sole intention to get brands to follow the journey of building their brand presence properly and not haphazardly. There’s a lot of systematic processes involved in building a brand, and that does not start with a Website.

A website is just the digital personification of your brand, but what’ll stay in the minds of customers is your brand story. I want to know the backstory of a building a brand and portray to the audience in the most honest way.

How do you typically start a writing project?

Answer: I always start writing from the middle. While talking to the client or conducting research, I come across some points that make me feel gooey inside. I write them down and find out more about them.

In the process, my mind gets some kickass introductory passages, I note them down and juggle with them to make the beginning intriguing. The conclusion is always a cakewalk for me if I’ve completed the introductory and core message. So, yeah! It goes like that.

What is the best compliment you’ve ever received from a client?

Answer: It was a 10,000-word long website copy. I sent it for approval, and he took like two days to respond to the mail. He replied, “The content was so good that I didn’t take a break while reading it, and it kept me hooked till the end. ”  That was the best compliment I’ve ever received.

What do you do to constantly improve as a writer?

Answer:  My Writing Style, relatability in every form of writing, using examples and using fancy, yet simple vocabulary.

What is your all-time favourite quotation?

Answer: Life is a race. Run fast, but not in haste.

What are your favourite books? Favourite authors?


  • The Nine Chambered Heart by Janice Pariat
  • The Girl of my Dreams by Durjoy Dutta
  • Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Answer: Honest, Personable, Friendly, Smart-working, Punctual

Finish this line in no more than 15 words: To me, good writing is ___________

Answer: Honesty and Relatability carved into beautiful sentences that touch the mind and heart.

What are some of the challenges you are facing currently in writing?

Answer:  Pricing Issues

What does your writing schedule look like? Like what times of the day you prefer writing the most? Why?

Answer: My schedule begins at 6:00 a.m. I write till 10:00 and get back to my daily chores. Then, I resume writing in the afternoon. I write till evening at 7:00 or so and close it. I like enjoying nights talking to my favorite people, binge-watching Netflix and cooking. I love writing in the morning. The chirping birds and the sunrise clear all the last night’s clutter in my head and I’m full with ideas and experiment them with my creativity.

Do you have a favourite writing space? What’s so special about it?

Answer: My bed and Balcony. The bed for utmost comfort and balcony for the utmost peace. Although I couldn’t experience the best of both worlds, I’m sure I’ll do it one day.  

Do you write on a computer or do your first write on paper? What makes it so special for you?

Answer: I write on paper first. I think as the ink scribbles on the paper, my ideas just flow through my hand to the paper. And, I love my handwriting.

Whom do you follow on LinkedIn or other platforms to learn more about writing?

Answer: I do not consistently follow anyone on LinkedIn per se, but I regularly follow Copy Posse and Ashlyn Writes to brush up my copywriting skills.

How do your relatives or friends react when they realize you are into professional writing?

Answer: You say, relatives, I say, even my parents don’t know what I’m up to. I  write articles and show them, they never believe that I’ve written those. Confidence, indeed! As for my friends, they didn’t take my profession seriously until my ad copies were put up on signage boards and YouTube Ads.

Rapid-fire FUN questions. CHOOSE ONE in each of the following:

Romantic movies OR Action movies? Action Movies

Songs OR Podcasts? Podcasts

Exercise at home OR Exercise in a gym? Exercise at Home

Fruit OR Juice? Juice

Beach OR Mountains? Both

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