How to deal with clients who want to negotiate your fees

If you are a freelancer, you’ll see that most of the times your clients want to negotiate your fees.

Following is an infographic that shows you how to negotiate with clients and how to deal with clients who want you to lower your fees.

  1. Don’t freak out. Negotiations are ok; everyone has a right to ask for a better price.
  2. Explore if it’s really about discount. It’s easy to misunderstand other requests as negotiations!
  3. Ask what’s their benchmark. How do they know what’s ‘the right price’?Show why that doesn’t always work.
  4. Discuss what they’d like to knock off. Check what they want to cut from your service in order to slash your price.
  5. Ask if they see any risk. Find out why they’re uncomfortable working with you at the fees you quoted.
  6. Don’t hurry. A discount won’t necessarily close the deal. First resolve other issues.
  7. Offer an add-on instead. That way, they get a better deal and you get your fees.
  8. They think all options are equal. Clients negotiate when they think all the alternatives are the same. Prove they are not the same.
  9. Is it really negotiation? If it’s really negotiations, get something in return for every time you let go of something.
  10. Understand the size of the project. No sense in lowering fees for a small, one-time project. (Unless you are desperate to show that brand in your portfolio.)
  11. Be fair. Negotiating is about arriving at a fair price that keeps either party happy. Don’t cow down, but don’t fleece either.